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In aptitude, discipline, agility and incisiveness Making men in uniform superior to others

By Jenna Lumbang

Keepers of peace, protectors of the people, apprehenders of criminals – endless terms to describe the responsibilities bestowed to the men-in-uniform. Given these sworn oath to the nation, members of Philippine National Police (PNP) are expected to be superior to others in aptitude, discipline, agility and incisiveness.
To maintain this image of policemen, PNP Internal Affairs Services (IAS) conducts an Annual General Inspection – Operational Readiness Security Investigation and Evaluation (AGI-ORSITE). This annual undertaking checks on the operational readiness of every police unit to uplift its capability in terms of manpower, training, equipment, and facilities.


Provincial Government headed by Gov. Pineda donates SWAT van to the Pampanga Police Office.

This year, inspection teams from the National Headquarters headed by Police Superintendent Feloteo Gonzalgo assessed both the administration and operational management of police units in Pampanga for five days.
“Though this AGI-ORSITE is just an exercise, we want our men to take it as an actual operation because this will serve as a performance indicator,” he said.

How to conduct first-aid treatment.

Crisis Management Scenario
Provincial Police Office under the command of Senior Supt. Edgardo Tinio demonstrated its basic knowledge and skills contingencies on crisis management scenarios that need immediate police intervention. Notable here is the merging of hostage crisis negotiation, immediate action drills, and close quarter combat.
PPO men executed their expertise in crime investigation, case build-up, proper use of firearms, arrest and handcuffing techniques, and their dexterity in responding to a variety of situation that may arise while on duty.

Survey Inspection of PNP Facilities
Physical facilities and equipment is pivotal in field operations, management and preservation of documents and evidences. Yearly, inspection of facilities is included in the AGI-ORSITE to check the development, upgrade, and addition to the existing equipage.
Tinio reported to the inspecting team the support given by the provincial government headed by Gov. Lilia “Nanay” Pineda in the purchase of communication equipment and patrol vehicles and also the construction of police stations.
“The provincial government here is very supportive to the PNP. Gov. Pineda funded the rehabilitation and construction of our stations. Recently, they donated van to our SWAT unit,” Tinio told the inspecting team.


Police officers show their skills in handling and arresting suspects during a hostage drama.

General Knowledge Examination
Gonzalgo emphasized that every man in uniform must be at the cutting edge of performance and professionalism thus exercises were not only focused on physical agility but also intelligence. Ten key officers of the provincial police and ten police officer one (PO1) to senior police officer four (SPO4) underwent general knowledge examination based on the PNP Patrol Plan 2030. Communication writing skills of the PNP personnel here was also examined.

Inspection PNP Municipal Stations
PNP stations in every municipality are also included in the week-long activity, concentrating on the inspection of the deployment of personnel on beat patrol, mobile patrol, check point and tourist police.
Standard Uniform
Not everyone is given the opportunity to wear the police uniform they call GOA. This is the symbol of the sworn duty to protect the nation in any form of felony and abuse.
Police uniform can be GOA type A and B. Type A is worn as daily office attire or during appearances at Malacañang, Senate, Congress and Courts or during heightened alert status while GOA B is used during full alert status.
During the AGI-ORSITE, team of inspectors meticulously scrutinized the way policemen and women carry their complete and proper uniform.
According to Gonzalgo, the performance of Pampanga Police Office is outstanding especially in their Integrated Patrol System and check point operation.
“Pampanga Police Office is one of the best performers in Central Luzon. We can see improvements yearly. I hope they will maintain this good performance,” he said.
He added the results of the operational readiness security inspection test and evaluation of all police units will be submitted to the national headquarters to be used in the formulation of programs of the PNP and assessment of the needed equipment to improve the performance of the Philippine National Police in general, for the realization of their slogan – “TO SERVE and PROTECT”. •

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