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Dukit: When Time is Curved on Wood

One Kapampangan film that made it to the 2013 Metro Manila Film Festival is about Waldo, a celebrated Kapampangan sculptor embittered by how the father abandoned his family for another woman. It takes Waldo years and success to learn to forgive the old man.

“Dukit”, the Kapampangan word for woodcarving, is centered on the region’s culture, its arts, crafts, food, music, values and traditions. It is the latest film of acclaimed screenwriter Armando “Bing” Lao and an official entry to the 2013 MMFF Independent Film New Wave category.

Bing Lao with cinematographers Bruno Tiotuico, Diego Dobles and Triztan Garcia

Bing Lao with cinematographers Bruno Tiotuico, Diego Dobles and Triztan Garcia

“Dukit is my attempt to make an authentic regional film. Shot entirely in Pampanga and over a year, the film features everything that is Kapampangan—language, religion, music and the woodcarving tradition for which the town of Betis is known. Except for one actor, the cast is made up only of Kapampangan talents and one-half of the production team are young Kapampangan filmmakers. The film adopts the ‘found time’ school of shooting, using multiple cameras, improvised dialogues, and actual religious, secular and occupational events as part of the film’s dramaturgy. The narrative structure is non-linear and fragmentary, slowly becoming a unified whole as the film progresses. Not unlike the process of carving out a statue which form and features get defined only in bits and pieces,” Bing Lao said.

As Teeda Pascual, the marketing and promotion officer of the film, writes, Dukit is a film that shall engrave in each audience’s heart the picture that will not be forgotten even after a hundred years’ time.
You may ask “why” or comment that this is but another publicity and therefore an exaggeration. Not so, dear reader! The evidence to prove this is to see it for yourself.

The mission-vision of the potent cinema is its functional beauty as how it relates to us–that flowing of the film’s frames into our mindsets, into the becoming of our being.

Direk Bing Lao directing the cast of Dukit

Direk Bing Lao directing the cast of Dukit

Shot entirely in Pampanga, specifically in the barrio of Betis, Dukit is produced by none other than the Kapampangan Cannes Awardee Best Director and 2013 Chevalier dans l’Ordre des Arts et des Lettres conferred by France’s Ministry of Culture, Brillante Mendoza (Center Stage Productions) and Betis Galeria and is relatively the first ever Kapampangan indie film that highlights the language and religious sensibilities of the Kapampangans.

The staff consists of:
Executive Producers:
Brillante Ma. Mendoza
Armando Y. Lao
Florentina C. Layug

Associate Producers:
Sonny Dobles
City Heights Hotel
Line Producers:
Ruston Banal Jr.
Armando Y. Lao

Armando Y. Lao

Armando Y. Lao
Honee Alipio

Diego Dobles
Triztan P. Garcia
Bruno Tiotuico
Jeffrey Icawat

Production Designer:
Leo Abaya

Assoc. Prod Designer:
Olga Marquez

Diego Dobles

Musical Director:
Armando Y. Lao

The film, under MMFF New Wave 2013 Full Feature category, will be shown from Dec.18 to 24, 2013 at SM Megamall and Glorietta 4 Cinemas!•

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