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Arming Pampanga farmers

Yesterday’s banner on this paper showcased the graduation of farmers in Pampanga Farmers’ Field School, a joint project spearheaded by the Provincial Government of Pampanga, the Department of Agriculture and the Department of Agrarian Reform.

Pampanga, while being rapidly urbanized, is still an agriculture province, with vast tracks of farmlands in most of its towns, the reason why the provincial government, under the tutelage of Governor Lilia Pineda, has its thrust working for farmers.

Undeniably, there are many farmers today who, without the support of the government, are having a hard time sustain the backbone of the country that is the agriculture sector. Unlike before, farmers now often have bigger inputs with lesser outputs due to some importation activities by the national government.

The Farmers’ Field School is just one among the many supports of the Pampanga capitol on agriculture. Since Governor Pineda assumed office, she made sure that one of her priorities would be on the sector of agriculture to beef up the yield of our farmers. Pampanga, being the center of the region, is more prone to leaving behind farming to give way to commercialization and industrialization despite the fact that agriculture should never be de-prioritized.

One of the aims of having the Farmers’ Field School is to improve agriculture production in the province. It provides free technical training for four months on modern farm technology, irrigation system, Palay check, corn farming and high value crops production. It’s a package of sorts intended to boost agricultural production to the benefit of our farmers. It keeps our farmland workers be to cope up with modern technologies in farming.

Some farmers never in their life had the experience of having such a training. It’s a way of arming and equipping them with the latest farming technology which are already extant in our neighboring countries such as the rice-producing Thailand and Vietnam.

As a matter of trivia, many farmers in the Asian region learned farming technology and techniques here in the Philippines when we were once the biggest rice producer in the region. Farmers from other countries studied here in our land, only for them to leave us in terms of quality and quantity of their production.

Perhaps due to the lack of subsidies and support from the national government that many of our farmers resorted to other activities, leaving farming behind. The lack of sustenance on our farming technologies also affected the volume of our farm produce. It’s good that in Pampanga, we have a local government that supports and augments the needs of our farmers in their farming.

Pampanga farmers now have the knowledge and capabilities they need to further improve their rice and corn production and other activities in their farmlands such as vegetable and high-value crops production. They are now armed with technological innovations on farming that will surely boost their production and income.

Being one who came from a farming family, I am likewise thankful for the attention that the provincial government and some national government agencies are giving to the farmers of Pampanga.

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